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Save 30% off Auto Insurance in 30 Days

August 20, 2012

Selling snapshot

is as easy as 1-2-3




Introduce the DISCOUNT

“I’d like to tell you about Snapshot.



It’s only offered by Progressive. Snapshot

uses technology that observes your

driving behavior, and gives you a discount

based on that information. The bottom



Snapshot helps good drivers save

money on their insurance.”




Qualify the customer

“Sound interesting? You should consider

that Snapshot is best for drivers who:

Are willing to plug the device in their

vehicle for six months.

Drive their vehicle less than 15,000

miles per year.

Don’t frequently drive between

midnight and 4 a.m.

Don’t frequently brake hard.

Does it sound like Snapshot might be a fit

for you?”

Help the customer make a good decision

by using the Snapshot questions within

the (FAO) quote flow.

If they don’t meet any of the criteria

above, they will probably not benefit.

Remember that Snapshot can be used for

any or all vehicles on a policy.

Progressive will not prevent a customer

who wants to enroll from doing so,

regardless of how they answer these

questions. Your counsel is key. Remember,

their rates can’t go up.




E ducate the customer

“It sounds like you could really benefit

from Snapshot. So, here’s how it works.

Once you’ve signed up, Progressive

will send you a small device that you

connect to the diagnostic port in your

vehicle. Expect to receive it in 7-10 days,

and plug it in as soon as you get it.

The device measures how, when, and

how much you drive, and transmits

that information to Progressive



you don’t have to do


After 30 days, you could earn an initial

discount of up to 30 percent for the

rest of your first policy period based on

your driving habits.

After six months, you’ll be contacted

to return the device to Progressive, and

any discount you achieve will continue

for the life of your policy or until

Progressive requests updated vehicle

use information.

If you decide that Snapshot isn’t right

for you, you’ll need to return the device

to Progressive. And, of course, if you

ever have any questions or concerns,

just give us a call.”1-888-644-8505


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